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M’hudi is the home of quality wines and family hospitality.


Our Story

M’hudi comes from the Setswana word, ‘Mohudi’ which means ‘harvester’. A great African story tells the tale of a heroine, M’hudi, who fled her war torn home in search of a new beginning. M'hudi symbolises strength, courage, the relentless pursuit of one's dreams against impossible odds - and the celebration of a hard-earned triumph. Be a part of this amazing journey.


Sticking To Our Roots

We are the Rangaka family from South Africa, and we have dedicated ourselves to making great wine and fulfilling the promise of our great country- all while building a family that extends around the world.

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Together We Crafted The Best

As professionals in other fields, we had much to learn about making wine when we first came to Stellenbosch. Yet with hard work and the help of friends, both nearby and from afar, we've created a line of wines to be proud of - and a community extending to all corners of the globe.


Family First

The family is the heart and soul of our business. M'hudi's story is the story of South Africa's promise, found in its townships and vineyards and everywhere in between. We invite you to help us fulfill that promise- join the M'hudi Wines family today!



Made to inspire.

From the moment the estate was established, the family adopted an enduring philosophy that is based on the prior generation teaching the virtue of the earth to the next generation. Through the soil, the family maintains a reciprocal bond between man and vine, enhancing our core values and work ethic in lockstep with mother nature.

We believe in a fine, elegant and honest wine. Our character is rooted in the genuine expression of both the terroir and the winemaking team. The family takes great pride in respecting the source of the grape, striving to achieve typicity in each bottling. Needless to say, our age-worthy wines improve consistently year over year, all the while holding on to their original quality. Perpetuating these methods, we advocate tradition and minimal intervention in all aspects of cellar work with the desire to produce wines with a single purpose: enjoyment.


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